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In the article “unsalted pistachio nuts Singapore”, we will mention the import of pistachios to Singapore from Iran. And we will mention also the amount of imports of raw pistachios and roasted pistachios.

As you know, the largest pistachio producers in the world are Iran. Not only has it succeeded in eliminating the demand for its consumption by increasing its production, but also exporting it to the whole world.

The surplus of pistachio production than its consumption in Iran, has made it the largest exporter in the world. Now, Iran supplies pistachios to many countries around the world. Singapore is one of those customers.

The pistachio Singapore price

Singapore is part of Southeast Asia. It is ranked among the richest countries in the world. Statistics show that Singapore is one of the permanent pistachio buyers in Iran. The pistachios that Iran export to this country, due to Singapore’s standard import of pistachios, should have the highest levels of health.

So, first and foremost, the quality of pistachios and having the necessary conditions for it’s import to this country is important. And in the next step, the price issue of pistachio is examined.

The raw unsalted pistachio nuts Singapore

The highest amount of pistachio imports to Singapore is raw type. However, given the pistachio supply in the small packages, roasted pistachios can also be welcomed.

Dear merchants, you can get the offer of raw and the roast pistachios. You can check the amount of public acceptance by supplying it to the market of your country. And make better decisions for your next order.

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