wild pistachio kernels bulk

wild pistachio kernels bulk

Where is the wild pistachio kernels bulk available? What are the characteristics of this product? Where is it produced?

The wild pistachio, in the wild forests of some parts of Iran. This product is fully organic and without human intervention.

The forest pistachio is quite similar to pistachios but it is much smaller. This brain has a very green color and high fat percentage. Very suitable for use in food industry. The most important customer of this product is Turkey. Because of the organic nature of the product, European countries are very fond of this product.

Of course, wild pistachio kernels are not well known in the global market. And for this reason, some pistachio customers may not know this product. Otherwise, because of the extraordinary properties that it has, more consumers can claim it.

Where do I buy bulk wild pistachio?

One of the most important areas for producing wild pistachio is Iran country. The percentage of wild pistachio consumption is consumed in Iran’s domestic market. And also, Iran exports it to other parts of the world. The Iranian wild pistachio kernels has two types:

  • Unripe wild pistachio kernels
  • Also flowered wild pistachio

Both types of brain use both domestic and export to countries like Turkey.

The wild pistachio kernels bulk from some Iranian pistachio exporters is possible. This product is most commonly used in the food industry, especially confectionery.

Anata Nuts Company is one of the exporters of Iranian Pistachio. This company exports wild pistachio kernels to all of the world. And ready to contract for the continuous supply of the product.

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