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Rafsanjan pistachio producers and suppliers, produce and process pistachios in different quality and packaging, then export them to all five continents.

The highest amount of Iranian pistachio nuts is produced in Rafsanjan. Of course, in recent decades pistachio production has been implemented in other cities of Iran. In this article, we first review the quality of Rafsanjan pistachio and then introduce the pistachio producing cities in Iran.

The Rafsanjan Pistachio brand is known to many pistachio merchants who are familiar with pistachios in Iran. Rafsanjan is one of the cities of Kerman province, which has the highest level of pistachio cultivation in Iran. A significant amount of Iranian pistachio is produced annually by Rafsanjan Pistachio producers.

But what is the quality of Rafsanjan pistachio?

Export of Pistachio from Rafsanjan

The good climate of Rafsanjan for pistachio cultivation has made the pistachio quality high. In addition to, the skill of farmers in pistachio cultivation and production is another reason for the high quality of Rafsanjan pistachio. The city processes and exports an impressive amount of pistachio species annually. Types of pistachios including:

  • The Pistachio Akbari.
  • Ahmad Aqaee.
  • Fandoghi pistachios.
  • Kalleh Ghuchi pistachios.
  • And also Badami.

Rafsanjan owns a percentage of its pistachios. And also the percentage, other cities produce and then transport to Rafsanjan for processing and exports.

The most important Iranian pistachio exporters

The provinces of Kerman, Khorasan, Yazd, Kashan, Azerbaijan and … are pistachio producers in Iran. Production in a number of these provinces is high and in a small number.

Some provinces are also leading pistachio exports. Including Kerman, Khorasan, Azerbaijan and … we can name.

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