In shell pistachio wholesale prices in iran

In shell pistachio wholesale prices in iran

The In shell pistachio wholesale prices in Iran are different for different types pistachios. In this article, we are going to talk about pistachio types and effective parameters in determining their wholesale prices.

In general, pistachios in shell can be grouped into two types.

  • Open shell pistachios
  • Closed shell pistachios

We measure different characteristics in determining the quality and also price of any type of pistachio in the skin. In the following, we briefly discuss this issue for both types of pistachios.

The open shell pistachios wholesale price

In the case of open pistachios, after determining the size of the pistachio, we will examine its size. The size of the pistachio is determined by its number in an ounce.

For example, the pistachio is an ounce 20-22 means one ounce of pistachios containing 20 to 22 pistachio seeds. Also the pistachio of Akbari 24-26 means an ounce of about 24 to 26 seeds. This indicates that the pistachio is 24-26 times smaller than the pistachio of Akbari 20-22.

This is one of the things that we consider to determine the quality and price of pistachios. Others, including the percentage of closed mouth pistachio, pistachio percent on the stain and so on. (We have fully provided the details of our products in the products section.)

Of course open pistachios may be mechanically opened pistachios, in which case the characteristics we are looking at are different. We have reviewed this issue in the “star” article.

The closed shell pistachios wholesale price

In the case of closed shell pistachios, after the identification of pistachio cultivars, the first and most important issue is the percentage of pistachio kernels. (Pistachio meat percentage). By examining this, we can understand how pistachio brain quality is.

Then, the size of the pistachio is the second issue that we will examine. And in the next step, we also look at the appearance of pistachios. Maybe this pistachio is suitable for kernels processing or suitable for mechanically opened pistachios.

We specify the In shell pistachio wholesale prices, as described above.

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