buy fandoghi round pistachio nuts

buy fandoghi round pistachio nuts

Buy fandoghi round pistachio nuts from Iran is done by various countries such as the European Union, China, Russia and …. We introduce the iran round pistachio nuts called fandoghi below.

The commercial Iranian pistachio cultivars, generally can be placed in three groups:

  1. The Round pistachios: This group includes Fandoghi pistachios.
  2. Long Pistachios: This group includes Akbari, Ahmad Ahgaei and also Badami.
  3. Unformed Pistachios: Jumbo Pistachio is an formless Iranian pistachio.

The Fandoghi round pistachios are round of Persian pistachios “پسته”. This variety has the highest production output. Due to the high volume of production, it has the highest export volumes.

Of course, the high volume of rice Fandoghi pistachio production is not the only reason for its export development. Fandoghi round pistachios are popular in many countries. In other words, with the specifications, it has been able to meet the needs of different countries as well.

Specifications fandoghi round pistachio

The Fandoghi round pistachio are one of the finest cultivars. The size of this pistachio is in the range of 28 to 38 oz. Due to the fineness of pistachios, this figure has the lowest dollar value. It is therefore suitable for countries that are looking to buy pistachios with low prices and quality.

At the same time, the level of aflatoxin contamination of the Fandoghi round pistachios pistachios is much lower than other cultivars. It is also suitable for countries like the European Union that have been afraid of aflatoxin.

The Anata Nuts Company offers the Fandoghi round pistachio in three:

  • naturally opened pistachio.
  • closed shell pistachio.
  • Also mechanically opened pistachio.

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