bulk slivered pistachios uk

bulk slivered pistachios uk

The slivered pistachios uk article examines the quality of slivered pistachios that are to be exported to England. As with other pistachio products, we need to prepare slivered pistachios with the least contamination of Aflatoxin for export to the UK.

The term slivered pistachios UK represents the search for the people of the United Kingdom for the slivered pistachios. Therefore, the export of this product to the United Kingdom from the production areas that Iran is a part of them. But what parameters should be considered in exports of slivered pistachios to England?

Reference to the UK standard in the article slivered pistachios UK

The main thing, according to UK standards on the import of pistachio. It has introduced specific rules for pistachio imports. These laws are more consistent with the rules that FAO has set for pistachio trade. Therefore, the pistachio exporter must pay attention to the pistachio exports and its products. To prepare and send a quality product in accordance with the standards of this country.

The limit for aflatoxin according to the UK standard, as well as pistachios and pistachio kernels, should also be below 4 Ppb for total Aflatoxin in the slivered pistachios. Failure to pay attention to this will lead to a failure of exports. That is, the British customs will not allow it to import into the country.
So it’s very important to have a lot of attention when sending pistachio or slivered pistachios.

In addition, we must pay attention to this issue in the production and preparation of slivered pistachios, and we must also be careful in packaging. As it may be possible to grow Aspergillus fungus in pistachios during transportation and during loading time, if the conditions are not appropriate for temperature and humidity of the environment. (Aspergillus is the manufacturer of aflatoxin toxin)

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