slivered green pistachios

slivered green pistachios

How to pack slivered green pistachios according to the sensitivity of this product to the impact? Can this package protect the slivered green pistachio product during transport?

One of the pistachio products used in food industry units is slivered green pistachios. We call the peeled pieces of pistachios, slivered pistachio. To prepare the pistachio slices, we first remove the superficial skin of the brain and then produce slivered green pistachios under the cutting process and with the machines for producing slivered pistachios.

Slivered pistachio is one of the pistachio products, which many countries widely use it. Therefore, exports from producer countries are increasing.

The issue of producing and the pistachio seller sticks to the producer’s mind is a matter of product protection to the pistachio buyer. Of course, this requires the packaging of slivered pistachios. But what is the most commonly used packaging for slivered pistachios?


Packing slivered green pistachios

We package the pistachio slice often in smaller weights due to the greater sensitivity to the impact and fracture. The packaging that we usually use for the pistachio slices is 5.5 kg cartons. Cartons are multi-layer. Of course, after pouring slivered green pistachios into 5.5 kg cartons, we will ship four cartons to a 22 kg mother carton.

Layers of cartons, as well as the use of smaller weight and later transplantation into a larger parent carton, can significantly protect sliced pistachios from impact and breakage.

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