buy slivered pistachios from iran

buy slivered pistachios from iran

The buy slivered pistachios from Iran due to its green color and the extraordinary flavor of products has flourished in the international market and in different countries of the world.

The most important points to buy a pistachio slice include the following three.


Slivered pistachios color

The green color of the pistachio slice is very important. Because this product is often used to decorate a product like sweets. So its green is very important. Of course, this parameter is one of the things that we pay attention to determining the quality and price of pistachio slice . The yellow pistachio slices have lower price and the green pistachio slices are priced higher.


The size of slivered pistachios

The size and extent of the pistachio slice is another parameter that buyers pay attention to in buy slivered pistachios. This is also important in decorating and looking beautiful.
Some pistachios have a lot of fractures and some are not stretched. Therefore, this parameter is another issue that we consider to determine the quality and price of slivered pistachios.


The newness importance of the slivered pistachios

The slivered pistachios are used for two reasons in foods that include cookies and foods including them. First, to decorate and in the second to improve the taste of the product.
The pistachio slice is old, not only does not improve the taste of the product, but it gives it a bad taste. So the other thing we pay attention to in buy slivered pistachios is its newness.

Iran is one of the major producers of pistachio slices and other pistachio products. In addition to supplying the domestic consumer market, it exports the product to various parts of the world.

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