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To buy shelled pistachios online, pay attention to the following. These are the main reasons for the difference in the price of different pistachios.

The most important points you should give to buy shelled pistachios online are those that are considered in determining the quality of pistachios. These parameters have a great influence on price determination. We refer to some of them in the following text.


Pistachio type in buy shelled pistachios online

The first and most important issue is the type of pistachio. This has the most significant impact on the pistachios price. We have two types of pistachios. Mechanically opened pistachios and naturally opened pistachios. The main difference between these two types of pistachio is the size of the pistachio brain. The pistachio brain of mechanically opened types are small. And the ratio of brain weight to total pistachios is low. Some 42 to 50. That’s why this kind of pistachio is introduced as cheap pistachios.


The size of pistachios in buy shelled pistachios online

The size of the pistachio is the next item to consider. It is definitely important to choose the size of pistachio seeds for a consumer who wants to choose between different qualities. Most buyers enjoy a bigger pistachio. Of course, coarse pistachios have a higher price. So paying attention to the combination of pistachio price and size can lead to an appropriate choice. Pistachios have different sizes. From 18-20 in size to the largest pistachios to 38-36 as the smallest pistachio. The choice of the size of pistachios is up to the buyer.

Of course, these two are just one of the things that we need to pay attention to buying pistachios. In the next article, we will mention other issues.

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