buy shelled pistachios online

buy shelled pistachios online in bulk

Buy shelled pistachios online what are the Benefits for the Buyer and What are the Benefits for the Dealer? What are the steps involved in this transaction?

The advantages of e-commerce have been the most important reason for its rapid development. Online B TO B has now expanded significantly in many areas. In the field of pistachio, many large traders and exporting companies are now trading in this way.

The most important advantage of buy shelled pistachios online for buyers is to order the most suitable product with the least side costs. Buyers can get the information they need about the product and the supplier company as quickly as possible without having to travel.

E-commerce has many advantages for vendors. Suppliers can easily connect with their customers. Inform them of the latest events and activities of the company. And also introduce these products to their day.

But how do the buy shelled pistachios online in bulk?

How to pistachio order online?!

In the first step, getting information about the product we require from the seller is essential. We share the pistachio specifications we want with the seller. And we ask him to tell us whether he will supply this product? If possible, it will provide us with the full specifications of the product, along with the price and delivery time. (At this point, sending a formal and comprehensive LOI will help you progress the work. You can download the Buying Guide section of this form and send it to us after filling it out.)

At this point, the seller declares the full product specification by sending a complete FCO. And so the product, its price, as well as other purchase details are agreed.

At this stage, the quality and quantity inspection of the product can also be negotiated and assisted by reliable inspection companies.

In the next step, the buyer sends the ICPO to finalize his order and declares readiness to pay. The seller will declare the Per forma Invoice, preparation and delivery of the goods by confirming the payment of the cost by the buyer.

In this way, we can have a perfectly correct and satisfying deal with our buyer.

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