Bulk buy shelled pistachios online

Bulk buy shelled pistachios online

The advantages of bulk buy shelled pistachios online for the buyer is the most important reason for the development of b to b online and offline transactions. In this article, we will briefly describe the online pistachio deal.

B to B online business has been developed around the world and in various commercial areas. Nowadays, traders are trading from around the world thanks to advances made in the world in banking, transportation, quantitative and quantitative inspections, and so on. Without requiring the physical presence of the buyer in the supplier country at the destination.


Buy shelled pistachios online

To buy pistachios online, the first step is the availability of pistachio suppliers. Internet sites are one of the best tools for introducing pistachio suppliers to pistachio buyers.

From the website of a pistachio exporter, you can get the general information about this company. In the next step, by communicating with the company, the buyer can inquire about the inventory and the price of the product. With the agreement of both sides on the price and quality of pistachios, negotiations on other parameters of trade begin.

The terms of delivery, payment method, quality control and quantity of pistachio cargo and the type of certificate that the seller must provide to the buyer is other important issue.


Wholesale shelled pistachios

Submitting the LOI form as an official application is the first step in formalizing the request that the buyer must do. By sending a FCO form, the seller will notify the company of its formal offer. And so if the buyer agrees with this offer, he signs it and confirms it, and either sends it or sends an ICPO to its purchase. And so the seller sends a pre-invoice to initiate monetary and commodity transfers.

In this way, and quite simply, the transaction process between the buyer and the seller is carried out. These stages can be done within one business day.
In this case, according to the agreements, the seller will prepare, load and send the pistachio cargo. And the buyer also agreed to pay the costs at each stage of the work agreed upon by the parties.


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