organic raw pistachio kernels

organic raw pistachio kernels

Which country of organic raw pistachio kernels is produced in? What types and models of this pistachio? Which countries are consumers of this product?

The most important organic pistachio production center is Iran. In several parts of Iran, organic pistachios are cultivated and produced on a large and large scale. Of course, given the high cost of producing this product, the prices of these pistachios are higher than ordinary pistachios, but because of the special value of food, this product has its own customers.


Organic raw pistachio kernels for sale

Its organic pistachios have two models. Wild pistachios that grow in natural jungles. Garden pistachios that gardeners plant and produce with organic production methods. The nutritional value of organic pistachios is often higher than ordinary pistachios. There is also a fairly good taste, because there are differences between their original composition and the ordinary one. These pistachios have their own fans all over the world.

As we have mentioned, Iran is the center of production of both types of organic pistachios. But it sells a high percentage of both types on global markets. The most important buyers of organic pistachios is the European Union. The European Union, including Germany, buys a significant amount of organic garden pistachio from Iran annually.

Of course, Turkey is also one of the consumers of wild pistachio that is part of Iranian organic pistachios. The most important reason for choosing this pistachio from Turkey and buying it is the unique flavor of this product. They do not pay much attention to the organicity of this product. Although organic production has a direct impact on its taste.

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