shelled organic pistachios wholesale

shelled organic pistachios wholesale

Shelled organic pistachios are harvested like ordinary pistachios in all five cultivars: Akbari, Ahmad Ahaghi, Kalhouchi and Fandogi. Which countries are the most important producers and consumers of shelled organic pistachios?

Due to the sensitivity of the pistachio tree to various plant pests, organic pistachio production is very difficult. However, the production of this product in Iran is massive. Although its production volume is low relative to the demand for it. However, this percentage can met the the percentage of market demand.


Production of shelled organic pistachios

Of all five pistachio cultivars of Iran, which includes Akbari pistachios, ahmadaghaei pistachios, fandoghi pistachios, as well as two varieties of jumbo pistachios and badami pistachios, used for the production of shelled organic pistachios. In Iran, there are several areas that have been successful farmers in the production of organic pistachio. Among them, in Khorasan, Kerman, etc. Iran is the most important producer of organic pistachio in the world.


The consumption of shelled organic pistachios

Amongst the different countries, EU countries, especially Germany, are the permanent customers of organic pistachios. Organic pistachio is used for elementary schools and children. Some people also welcome this product because of their interest in organic farming products. Organic pistachio species, of course, are garden and forest types. The most important pineapple customer in Iran’s Organic Garden is European countries and the most important wild organic pistachio customer in Turkey.

This article provides a brief explanation of the introduction of organic pistachio producers and consumers. If you need further guidance or if you intend to order a product, you can contact us.

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