buy iranian pistachio nuts in bulk

The amount of buy Iranian pistachio nuts in bulk internationally is high, according to available statistics. The statistics show that Iran is the largest pistachio exporter in the world.

The average annual exports of pistachios from Iran to around the world reaches about 200 thousand. This comparison with the global exports of pistachios shows that Iran is the largest pistachio exporter in the world.


Wholesale bulk pistachios nuts in different countries of the world

Different countries buy bulk pistachio nuts in Iran. Asian countries such as Hong Kong, India, UAE. Or European countries such as Germany, Italy, etc. Eurasian countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and …. Of the African and Pacific countries, many countries also buy pistachios from Iran. We can mention, for example, Australian countries in Oceania or Algeria in Africa.


Bulk and packed pistachios for sale

A variety of Iranian pistachios has made pistachios suitable for bulk sales to many countries in the world. Countries have a very different taste in buying pistachios. For example, the countries of Iraq and Russia have a completely different taste in buying. The demand that India makes is often different from that of Hong Kong.

Even in choosing the type of packing, countries have different tastes. This difference in taste is more evident in the selection of small export packages. In the case of bulk pistachio sales, it depends entirely on the standards and geographical location and shipping practices, which model to choose from.

To find out about the quality of Iranian pistachios and familiarity with our products, you can read the catalog of products. You can also contact us if you need to speak to order an order, or get advice, etc.

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