Iran pistachio nuts bulk buy uk

Iran pistachio nuts bulk buy uk

Iran pistachio nuts bulk buy fr import to UK have been increasing in recent years due to the good quality of pistachio in Iran.

A number of countries, which are also in the UK, have defined specific standards for food. Pistachio is a nut fruit that is likely to be contaminated with a variety of fungi. Including Aspergillus. Aspergillus is source of toxic aflatoxin. If the amount of aflatoxin in the foodstuff, such as pistachios, can cause cancer in the human body.

For this reason, countries have identified rules and standards for pistachio imports and trade.

The UK is one of the countries that has strict rules in this regard. Whether with regard to this issue, Iranian pistachio nuts suitable for import to the UK?

Iran pistachio imports to UK

In recent decades, the Iran’s pistachio production has been more carefully studied. Farmers, also the pistachio recording terminals, and exporters of harvesting, processing, and warehousing processes comply with international standards.

Therefore, tests show that the Iran pistachios with the highest levels of health. Exporters also process pistachios and pork for export according to their destination country. Therefore, Iran has no problem in the exporting pistachios.

The various quality levels of Iranian pistachios

Pistachio with the highest level of quality and the lowest level of contamination with aflatoxin. Experiments show that the pistachio contamination to the total aflatoxin is less than 4 ppb and aflatoxin B1 is less than 2 ppb. Of course, sometimes even exporters of the pistachios with Aflatoxin are very close to zero.

Pistachios with other qualities that are suitable for import to other countries. For example, the United States has announced the limit of pistachio aflatoxin by 20 ppb. Or the European Union has a 10 ppb standard for total aflatoxin.

Iranian pistachio exporters prepare and send the product according to the country of destination.
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