pistachios nuts for sale bulk

pistachios nuts for sale bulk

Pistachio nuts for sale bulk are often sold in 50 kg sacks. Of course, in the special cases we will mention below, several kilograms of vacuum packaging are also used.

Are you familiar with the types of packaging used for pistachios nuts for sale bulk? For pistachios in the skin, the most common type of packaging we use is 50 kg sacks. However, in some cases, as we will mention them in the following text, we may need to use vacuum packets.


Pistachios nuts with aflatoxin allowed for bulk sale

Countries like the European Union, Singapore and … have specific rules for importing pistachios. The pistachio shipments to these countries should have the lowest amount of aflatoxin. The amount of aflatoxin in the product should be below the amount specified in the standard of these countries. For example, the EU has set the limit for total aflatoxin 10 ppb. Or Singapore has set this limit to 5 ppb.
If we intend to export pistachios to these countries, we must first prepare a good quality pistachio cargo. In the next step, we need to make a good packaging for the product. It is very important to protect the quality of pistachio products during transportation.


The best packaging for pistachios nuts for sale bulk

The best packaging currently available for pistachios is vacuum packaging. In vacuum packaging, air inside the package we suck out completely of the packaging compartment. Therefore, the product will not be in contact with moisture and oxygen. So the possibility of growth of Aspergillus fungi and other fungi and germs within the product will be minimized.
Vacuum packages for pistachios are currently available in volumes from 5 to 30 kilograms.

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