bulk wholesale pistachios suppliers

bulk wholesale pistachios suppliers

Bulk wholesale pistachios suppliers pay attention to the standards of the country of destination in offering quality and price of the product. They are trying to provide the most suitable product by knowing their target market.

Different pistachio varieties have different apparent characteristics. In terms of size and quality, we can also categorize each cultivar in several groups.
The size of the pistachio is one of the most important things for buyers. How can I check the size of pistachio? With what quantity, measure the size of pistachios?

Pistachio size is measured on an ounce basis. Ounce is a unit for weight. An ounce is about 23.8 grams. The number of pistachios in an ounce is a factor for measuring the size of pistachios.
Based on this unit, pistachios are available in the following sizes and ounces.

  • Akbari pistachios as well as Kalleh Ghuchi pistachios are large pistachios. Which are categorized in ounces 18-20, 20-22, 22-24 and 24-26 ounces.
  • Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio: Often it has ounces of 24-26, 26-28, 28-30 and 30-32.
  • Also Fandoghi and Badami pistachios as the smallest type of pistachios have a size of 28-30, 30-32, 32-34, 34-36 and 36-38.

Selection of size by bulk wholesale pistachios suppliers

The size of the pistachio is one of the things customers are paying attention to. And even this issue is part of the difference in the taste of different countries in the purchase of pistachios.
For example, Iraqi countries like large pistachios. That is why Akbari Pistachio is a good item for exporting to Iraq. Or large pistachio sizes Ahmad Aghaei is a more suitable option for India.

Pistachio wholesalers are often careful about these items.


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