Unsalted shelled pistachio nuts

Unsalted shelled pistachio nuts

If you are applying for unsalted shelled pistachio nuts, you have two choices. This kind of pistachio is placed in two groups of raw and roasted.

In the roasting of pistachio nuts and flavoring it, in most cases we use the salt as a seasoning. But some traders order us to produce unsalted shelled pistachio nuts according to their market demand. Perhaps you are also asking for salt free pistachios, but you would like to have a flavored product.


Types of unsalted shelled pistachio nuts

We can put these types of pistachios in three groups:

  • Raw pistachio nuts
  • Roasted unsalted pistachios
  • Roasted pistachios without any flavoring ingredients

The first one is familiar to all of you. But what are the second and third types of pistachios?

Roasted unsalted pistachios are roasted pistachios that in produce them we not use salt. The flavors used in these pistachios are other than salt. At customer’s request, it can be one of a variety of saffron, lemon juice, vinegar, pepper or a combination of these flavoring materials. Also roasted pistachios without any flavoring ingredients are roasted pistachios that in produce them we not use any flavoring.

Depending on the taste of their people, merchants are buying a particular type of Unsalted shelled pistachio nuts, depending on their customers’ request. In other words, the taste of the destination country determines the type of pistachio traded between buyer and seller.


You can contact us to order a variety of Unsalted shelled pistachio. During ordering, you should choose the type of pistachio you want to make.

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