Buy pistachio kernels from iran

Buy pistachio kernels from iran

The choice of quality in buy pistachio kernels depends on the type of use. We can use the pistachio kernels for nuts or for use in food industry units.

Pistachio kernels are produced in different qualities. In order to buy pistachio kernels, due to the different qualities that are needed for this product, it is necessary to determine the quality of the product and its type of use.

The pistachio nuts used for nuts are often healthy and floral. While the brains of pistachios suitable for use in food industry units are from other models and quality of pistachio kernels. In the following text, we briefly introduce the types of pistachios.


Pistachio kernels types

 Natural pistachio kernels

This product is the only pistachio kernels model suitable for nuts. Of course, it is also good for food industry units. For example, the kernels that are green and coarse we often use to produce pistachio slice. We categorize this product in different quality in terms of fracture percentage and size.


Unripe pistachio kernels

Unripe pistachio is a basic material for the production of some pistachio products. Such as pistachio powder, green peeled pistachio kernels, and so on.


Green peeled pistachio kernels

Pistachios have green peeled pistachio kernels that widely used in restaurants and confectionery and hotels to decorate food products.


Crushed pistachio kernels/ Cheap pistachio kernels

Broken pistachio brains, and also brains of cheap pistachios, which include the Moushu and Gandomi, are inexpensive for a variety of applications in food industry units due to their low prices.


We introduce the most important types of pistachio cereals above. You can contact us for more information about the product you are looking for.

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