pistachio seeds for sale in bulk

pistachio seeds for sale in bulk

Pistachio seeds for sale are also offered in the form of in shell pistachios, which are most suitable for nuts and as kernels or product’s pistachios suitable for food industry units.

Pistachios are among the oil seeds that have very diverse uses in the food industry. Therefore, pistachio producers are process and present in different shapes.

We introduce the types of pistachio products briefly below and provide an explanation for each product.

In shell pistachio seeds for sale in bulk

In shell pistachios have two general models. Open shell pistachios and pistachio mouth close. Most used open shell pistachios for nuts. The pistachio mouth closed also has two types of usage. It is either smooth artificially and is sold as a mechanically opened pistachio. Also, we use its for preparation of  pistachio kernels.


Buy pistachio kernels bulk

The pistachios kernels have a very high quality variety. In general, pistachio kernels are suitable for nuts, and groups of brains are suitable for food industry units.


Buy slivered pistachios

Pistachio slice is suitable for food industry units. Restaurants, confectioneries and … are the most important consumers of pistachios.
The pistachio slice is both flavoring and very suitable for decorating. We consider two things in our grading of pistachio slices, their color and size.


Ground pistachios buy

Food industry units know the pistachio powder as an excellent aromatic and flavoring ingredient. Pistachio powder has several different qualities. We categorize the quality of the pistachios powder according to their color and size.


Pistachios nut butter

Pistachio butter is one of the newest pistachios. This product has food intake, for example, at breakfast. And also in the chocolate industry, biscuits, confectionery and restaurants, it’s a very suitable basic material. It is also used in the preparation of unique products, such as pistachio milk.

We introduce the types of pistachio seed products for sale very briefly. We also referred to the uses for each.

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