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Rafsanjan pistachio producers produce 34 percent of Iran’s total pistachio. The total pistachio production of Rafsanjan and Anar city is higher than other cities. So, these cities have the first rank among the various pistachio producers in Iran.

Iran produces and exports a significant proportion of pistachios required by the worldwide consumer market. Iran’s pistachio name is familiar to many pistachio merchants around the world. Perhaps you have heard the name of Rafsanjan pistachios. Do you want to get information about Rafsanjan Pistachio? Please come with us.

Rafsanjan Pistachio Suppliers

The Rafsanjan is a city in Kerman province in southern Iran. Rafsanjan is one of the main centers of pistachio production in Iran. The city is pioneering in the field of processing and supply of pistachios. Of course, Sirjan is another major producing and supplying city in Kerman. We can also mention the cities of Kerman, Zarand, Shahrbabak, Ravar and Rhine.

Rafsanjan Pistachio has a worldwide reputation. And the main reason for the reputation of finding Rafsanjan Pistachio is its excellent quality as well as taste.

Access to Rafsanjan Pistachio producers

Many pistachio traders are looking for ways to access Rafsanjan’s pistachio producers. With access to them, they can buy pistachios with the best conditions in terms of quality, price and delivery.

Iranian Pistachio Producers

The pistachio cultivation area has increased in other regions of Iran in recent decades. Iran has also cultivated pistachios in other provinces to improve pistachio production and supply.

Now pistachios are being grown in provinces such as:

  • Khorasan
  • Yazd
  • Qazvin
  • Also Kashan
  • and the provinces of East as well as West Azerbaijan.

And in recent years production has increased in these areas.

Iran now has the ability to supply pistachios needed by many countries around the world. Pistachio production in different regions of Iran has increased the supply capacity. Fortunately, the quality of Iranian pistachio is the most important advantage of Iran’s pistachio, which Iran has retained for itself.

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