largest exporter of pistachios

largest exporter of pistachios

Pistachio direct purchase from the largest pistachio exporter can have many advantages for the buyer. Do you want to buy pistachios from the largest exporter of this product?

The largest pistachio exporter in the world is Iran. With more than 40 percent of all exports, Iran is located in the first place in among of the exporter countries.

The beginning of cultivation and production of pistachio in Iran is related to many years ago. Pistachio number of manufacturers offering these products as gifts to leaders of countries such as EU, and so began its exports. That way, other nations also recognized pistachio.

Pistachio production in Iran is already at a high level. Iran annually produces and sells about 2300 tons of pistachios. Of course, it exports a considerable amount of it. The statistics also indicate that Iran needs the most global demand for pistachio.

Therefore, Iran is the largest pistachio exporter in the world.

Benefits of buy from the largest pistachio exporter

Access to pistachio exporters in Iran can offer great benefits to buyers, as we will discuss below. Of course, there are countless things. We just mention a few things.

  • Possibility to buy fresh quality product.
  • Access to the base price.
  • As well as, possibility to buy in very high volumes during the year.
  • Access to a range of quality and price diversity.
  • Also possibility to order production and processing of specific products.
  • etc.

Iranian pistachio exporters are well-known in the world. Anata Nuts Company is one of the world’s leading pistachio suppliers and exporters. You can find out more about this company through its site information.

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