where can i buy ground pistachio nuts

where can i buy ground pistachio nuts

Where can i buy ground pistachio nuts? Need it for use in the food industry? What are the models and qualities of this product?

We can refer to ground pistachio from pistachio products that are widely used in food industry units. Ground pistachio is used in confectionery, biscuits, ice cream, and so on. It’s even good for decorating food.

Iran is one of the largest pistachio producers in the world. Pistachio, in addition to being a nuts fruit, is also used as a flavoring or decorative ingredient in the food industry due to its delicious flavor. The most important consumers of pistachios are confectionery.


Ground pistachios buy

The sweetener industry in Iran is booming. On the other hand, as we have said, pistachio production in Iran is high. Therefore, due to the need for the product, various types of pistachio products have been invented and produced in Iran. Such as ground pistachio.

So, the answer to my question is where can i buy ground pistachio nuts, is Iran. Iranian pistachio exporters are the best source for buying pistachios and their products.

But below, we want to explain the types of pistachio powder briefly. We categorize ground pistachio with the size of its seeds. Each size can have their own use. For example, fine pistachio powder is suitable for ice cream. Of course, when the manufacturer tends to produce ice-cream with a uniform green color and pistachio flavor. If the producer wants pistachio seeds to feel beneath the toothpicks, then they should use coarse pistachio powder.

In order to buy a variety of ground pistachio can get in touch with us. We offer this product in three qualities.

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