buy pistachio nuts in hindi

buy pistachio nuts in hindi

Buy pistachio nuts in hindi has increased significantly in recent years. Statistics increase in exports of pistachios from Iran to India confirms. Below is a summary of these statistics.

According to statistics that Tehran Chamber of Commerce release, the buy pistachio nuts in hindi has increased from Iran. Statistics exports of pistachios from Iran to India can be found below.

In 2009, the amount of pistachios that Iran export to India was about 2900 tons. In 2011, with a survey of statistics, this figure reached more than 4,700 tons. In 2017, statistics show that Iran exported more than 7,300 tons of pistachios to India.

As you can see, the pistachio exports from Iran to India have been rising. Nowadays India is one of the main pistachio consumers in Iran. It buys a lot of pistachios and its products from Iran each year.
Do you know what kind of pistachio nuts pistachios in India is more favorite? Are pistachio products used in the Indian market?


Pistachio price in india

The most popular type of pistachio in India is Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei. Of course Pistachio Akbari is another popular Indian variety. In addition to pistachios in the skin, Iran exports to the Indian pistachio products, including pistachio kernels. And the annual percentage of the statistics we mentioned above is related to the pistachio kernels. Iran sends the pistachio kernels in 10 kg cartons to India.

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