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Buy pistachio nuts in bulk as well as packaged requires the recognition of different types of pistachios and their various qualities. In this article, we describe how to determine the quality of pistachio in Iran.

Several issues are considered in pistachio categories. The first issue is variety (cultivar) of pistachio. Different varieties have different appearance and also taste. Some are long and some are round. The markets of some countries like round pistachios and others like long pistachios.

Type of pistachio, buy pistachio nuts in bulk

In the next step, the type of pistachio is taken into consideration. The buyer chooses at this stage that natural open pistachios wants or artificially open. The high price difference between these two types of pistachios is one of the factors that affect customers. Of course, this difference in price is due to the difference in quality between them.

The size of pistachio seeds

In the next step, the size of the pistachio must be taken into consideration. Do you know how to set the size of pistachios?

We announce the size of pistachios based on the number of seeds in an ounce. The number we introduce is the average number of grains in an ounce. Often this number is declared as an interval, such as 22-24.

A smaller number means that the pistachios are large. And also a larger number means the pistachio is fine.

Is the quality of pistachio completely determined by the three above mentioned? In the answer, we must say no.

Pistachio quality based on the percentage of defects in it

The following are important issues in determining the quality of pistachios. Including:

  • The percentage of closed shell seeds: Certainly, the less percentage of closed shell seeds, the higher the quality of the product, and vice versa.
  • Also Percentage of foreign materials such as shell of pistachios.
  • As well as the percentage of bad shape pistachios
  • And …

In addition to the above, which is often about the physical properties of pistachios, chemical analysis is also important. The level of Aflatoxin as well as peroxide present in pistachios should be at the standard level. (Of course, the standard of different countries is different in this case.)


We categorize pistachios based on the above. Of course there are other details that vary from type to type. In the product section that we’ve posted on the site, we’ve discussed these with a little more detail for each product. You can also contact us if you have any questions or if you intend to order a product.

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