pistachio import export

pistachio import export

The pistachio import export is rising and booming in the international market. Because the consumption of this precious food is rising in most parts of the world.

Pistachio is from the group of fruits and oily seeds. The brain of this fruit has high nutritional values. Of course, it should be noted that the skin of the fruit is also used in the production of jam and … . As well as its shell is used to produce carbon free. But our discussion is about the pistachio’s kernel.

The nutritional value and benefits of pistachio

The nutritional value of pistachio has been reported as follows:

Nutrition value of Pistachio

Nutrition value of Pistachio (source: http://healthyhabitshub.com)


The benefits of pistachio food and medicine include: (The benefits and disadvantages of pistachios are stated below – (Source: Wikipedia))

  • Pistachio use, which is rich in vitamin E, is beneficial for the skin because vitamin E protects the skin from UV damage.
  • Also this fruit is one of the brains that has the highest amount of dietary fiber and can help lower the level of cholesterol and glucose in addition to improving digestion.
  • Pistachio is also useful as an iron source for the prevention of anemia.
  • As well as eating pistachios strengthens libido and strengthens the mind.

Of course, any food with the benefits that it has, in case of extreme harm, will also lead to harm:


  • The pistachio brain is warm and dry. Eating too much will make the body warm and hives and red bears on the skin.
  • The consumption of large quantities of pistachios brings with it the effects of obesity, blood pressure, intestinal diseases, stomach, and so on. 
  • Also the pistachios have a lot of fat and those with a poor stomach should eat it with apricots.

Increase of pistachio import export

What we can understand from the above is that pistachios are very high in nutritional value seeds. For this reason, many nutrition experts recommend using it continuously and daily. And encouraging people to buy and consume them with awareness. The annual consumption of this product has grown in the world, with the distinction of pistachio dietary values and its introduction to the peoples of different nations.

Therefore, many countries that do not produce it are importing pistachios from the producing countries. Therefore, the volume of pistachio import export has increased.

Currently, Iran as well as the United States are the main pistachio producers and exporters. And provide a significant volume of demand for consumer markets.

Iran pistachio import export

The taste and quality of Iranian pistachios are known to most people around the world who are familiar with pistachios. The demand for Iranian pistachio is very high. And manufacturers and exporters are best suited to understanding this market.

Pistachio is now produced in five different cultivars in Iran and is available at the world market level.

  • Akbari (Super long)
  • Ahmad Aghaei (Long)
  • Fandoghi (Round)
  • Kalleh Ghuchi (Jumbo)
  • Also Badami

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