walnut kernels wholesale price

bulk walnut kernels wholesale price

Walnut kernels wholesale price in delivery of FOB Bandar Abbas based on ex-work walnut kernels wholesale price, plus customs clearance costs, shipping costs, loading and unloading costs in the port is determined.

We will look at a few issues in determining walnut kernels wholesale price. In the first step, we set the exact price of the product. Without any side fees. This price is based on the quality of the walnut kernels. As you know, the walnut kernel has a variety of qualities. Based on the quality selected by the buyer, then we will announce the price.

In the export of walnut kernels, we need to declare the price of one of the customs for fca or delivery of the port as FOB. Therefore, we must also estimate the peripheral costs.

FOB BND walnut kernels wholesale price

To check walnut kernels wholesale price Delivery to Bandar Abbas should check the side costs that are required to ship the product to the deck. These costs include customs fees, also cargo insurance, shipping costs, shipping charges, and port charges.

After specifying these costs, we divide it into kilograms of product and obtain the cost per kilogram. We this cost add to the price of the product.

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