snow white walnut kernels price

snow white walnut kernels price

The price of snow white walnut kernels is higher than the brown and black walnut. Do you know the reason for this? What does the brightness of the color of the walnut’s brain show? And why is the snow white walnut kernels price higher?

There are many causes that make the color of the kernel darken. And get brown and black. We ask some of these reasons in the following text.


Reasons to be snow white walnut kernels price

There are many things that should be considered by the farmer.

  • One of the reasons is that the tree is not properly fed. The use of suitable fertilizers for feeding the tree, including zinc and iron sulfate, can have a great impact on the proper growth of the tree walnut.
  • Other reasons for this are the presence of certain diseases such as blight disease.
  • We can mention other things. Such as improper harvesting and drying of walnuts.

The above explanation shows that the darkening of the kernel’s color is due to the inappropriate growth of the tree fruit. And in fact it is a deficiency and weakness. In fact, if the walnut grows in the best condition, the possibility of darkening the color of the walnut is low. There is, of course, another issue. The impact of varieties on this topic. Trees whose fruits are too early and are harvested in the middle of summer are often darker in color. In this case, the darkness of the walnut is not due to a defect or disease, but because of the variety of the tree.

However, in most cases the darkness of the walnut’s color means poor quality. That’s why white walnut kernels prices are often higher in the comparison of brown and black walnuts.

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