walnut kernels wholesale price per kg

walnut kernels wholesale price per kg

Walnut kernels wholesale price may fluctuate over the years. Do you know the reason for this price fluctuation per kilogram of walnut?

There are two main reasons for the price fluctuation of any product, including the walnut kernels. The amount of supply and the volume of demand. Changes in any of these cases can change the walnut kernels wholesale price.


Impact of reduced supply on walnut kernels wholesale price

Reduced supply of nuts in the market is associated with a shortage of crops. As the supply of walnut kernel decreases, there will be rising prices if there is no drop in demand. Also, in the walnut season, if the demand is lower than the market, then vendors will reduce the price of the walnut in order to increase sales. And so we will be faced with a drop in the walnut kernels wholesale price per kg.


The supply and demand of walnut in the market

The two issues of supply and demand are related to what happens over a year. For example, with the start of the harvest season and re-charging of the market, prices will be more balanced. Or at the end of the year, a product with a shortage of products will encounter, so walnut kernels wholesale price will fluctuate. At certain times of the year also increased consumption of walnuts. This will lead to a collapse in supply and demand. And we will face walnut kernels wholesale price fluctuations.

The above explanation shows that controlling the walnut kernels wholesale price per kg depends on supply and demand management. If we can properly manage the product supply in proportion to the volume of demand, we can protect the price of the product from fluctuations. And keep it balanced.

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