white walnut kernels price

white walnut kernels price

White walnut kernels price is higher than the brown and black walnut. We explain the reason for this in detail in the following text.

Each year, the percentage of the walnut kernels of each tree is darkened. Have you ever been due to this issue? Why does this happen?

The lack of mineral elements inside the soil can lead to poor growth of the walnut kernels. When the soil can not provide sufficient mineral elements, plant growth will not be appropriate. The darkening of the walnut kernels color is one of the signs of mineral deficiency.

This explanation shows that the nutritional value of walnut kernel in bright color is higher than the nutritional value of nuts in brown and black. Therefore, white walnut kernels price will be higher. As the walnut color darkens, the product is placed in a lower quality class. And its price is cheaper. The cheapest walnut kernels is the black walnut kernels.

The above explanation clearly highlighted the higher white walnut kernels price. But we also ask another question in this text and we will answer it. In addition to the color of the walnut, what other characteristics is important in determining the quality of the walnut kernel?


Impact of fracture percentage on the walnut kernels price

One of the most important parameters and factors is the amount of broken nut’s brain inside the product. The crushed walnut brain is highly susceptible to oxidation. And it quickly changes its taste and color. Therefore, the low level of the broken walnut kernels inside the product means its higher quality.

Of course, a lot of parameters are taken into consideration in determining the quality of the walnut brain. We raised two very important issues above. Other topics can be found in the product section.

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