organic walnut kernels wholesale

organic walnut kernels wholesale

Organic walnut kernels may not be as common as ordinary walnuts, yet they have their own customers. Maybe you’re wondering why, despite the higher health of organic walnut kernel, this product is less customer-friendly than conventional walnuts? The reason is the higher organic walnut kernels price than ordinary walnuts.

The price of organic walnut kernel is higher than normal walnut because of its higher production costs. This position has affected the amount of its buying and selling.

Prices of organic walnut kernels

The high price of a product can affect the demand for it. Because some people can not afford to buy any product. But some people prefer to buy the highest quality food products because of their high health importance. Even if their price is high.
For this reason, organic walnut kernel have their own special customers in spite of the higher prices.

The health of organic walnut kernels is higher due to the fact that no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in its production. For this reason, the remaining pesticides in agriculture are zero. Due to organic cultivation, its nutritional value is often higher. The amount of protein, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamins in organic walnut kernels is higher than normal walnuts.

Perhaps this will also encourage you to replace organic walnut kernels with ordinary walnuts. You can contact us to buy walnuts and organic pistachios. Our communication paths are stated below.

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