super walnut kernels wholesale price

super walnut kernels wholesale price

Super walnut kernels are white walnut and have the least amount of fracture. The percentage of crushed walnuts in the product is below 5%.

Among the various qualities of the walnut kernel, the walnut kernels light halves as the highest quality product at the highest price. Nuts store and those who use the walnut kernel to decorate their produce often prefer the walnut braids to be half bright in color. These people tend to have a low percentage of broken walnut for two reasons.


Percent fracture within super walnut kernels

The first item is the appearance and beauty of the walnut. The second item is the quality of the walnut in terms of taste and color, its ability to keep it and so on. As you know, the walnut is a substance that is sensitive to oxidation. The pieces of the walnut kernel are more susceptible to oxidation and loss of quality. Therefore, be low the percentage of fracture inside the walnut kernel means higher quality.

The walnut halves, with the least degree of breakage and bright color, are known as super walnut kernels. Some people call the bright walnut kernels, the white walnut brain. And some call them bright cream.

Super walnut kernels Customers

As we said, customers of super walnut kernels can be:

  • The owners of nuts shops
  • Restaurant Owners
  • Centers for the processing and supply of ice cream and potions
  • And ….

Of course, in specifying the super walnut kernels, more parameters need to be taken into consideration. For example, the percentage of foreign matter inside super walnut kernels should be zero. The product should be completely free from the effects and remains of insects. The walnut kernels should be completely clean and free from scratches. (Scratches can be caused by the blade of the device during the processing of the walnut kernels).

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