walnut kernels wholesale price

walnut kernels wholesale price

Walnut kernels wholesale price is lower than the retail price of walnut kernels. The reason for this is to briefly explain the following.

The walnut wholesalers pay less after the process of production until the product is delivered to the buyer. In particular, walnut kernels wholesale price only includes the price of the product plus the following costs:

  • Wrapping and loading walnut kernels from a production workshop
  • Transferring it to the customs of the seller’s country and clearance it at the customs office
  • Carry the walnut kernels between the two countries
  • Discharge and clearance in the customs of the buyer’s country
  • Carry to walnut buyer’s warehouse

Therefore, the walnut walnut seller declares the walnut kernels wholesale price, which adds to the price of the product. But what about the cost of determining the retail price of walnut kernels?


Difference walnut kernels wholesale price with retail price

The walnut buyer’s merchant after the major buy walnut kernel from the exporting country pays for distributing it among the stores in his country. Therefore, in announcing the price of the stores, in addition to the above, the broadcast costs are also taken into account. The shops, which are responsible for the retail sale of walnut kernels, consider the store costs include water and electricity, and workers, etc., to estimate the price of the walnut kernels and any other product they have.

So you can see the difference between walnut kernels wholesale price and retail price of walnut kernels. walnut kernels wholesale price is always lower. And the reason, as you read, is the cost of sales.

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