bulk pistachios australia

bulk pistachios australia

The article “bulk pistachios Australia” examines three issues. Australia has rules on imports of pistachios? Which pistachio cultivars are suitable for Australia? And what kind of packaging should we use to pistachio exports to the Australia?

Australia can be introduced among the countries that import pistachios. The country provides most of its needs from Iran and the United States. In addition to pistachios in shell, we also export the pistachio kernels to Australia.

Fandoghi pistachio exports to Australia

From different pistachio varieties, Fandoghi pistachios can be a good option for export to Australia. Because that figure can often keep its strictest rules in pistachio imports. Australia, like the European Union, is considering the amount of aflatoxin in pistachio imports. Therefore, we should provide the Aflatoxin certification in pistachio exports to this country.


Packing of bulk pistachios australia

Another point to consider is pistachio packaging in addition to pistachio type and standards for export. For countries like Australia that are far away from Iran and strict rules for pistachios, we need to choose the best packaging. Among the packages available for bulk pistachios, we can consider vacuum packing the best option. Vacuum packaging prevents moisture and oxygen from entering pistachios. Therefore, pistachio cargo will be protected in a long sea route from Iran to Australia without any damage.

It is definitely important in trading with any country, pay attention to its laws and tastes. Along with this position, paying attention to issues such as the way of transportation and the use of suitable packaging can help us succeed in our business.

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