buy walnut kernels without shell

buy walnut kernels without shell

Walnut kernels without shell is more susceptible to oxidation and loss of quality. That’s why keeping it is much harder.

Of the most important characteristics of walnut, its richness is of the kind of fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids. This characteristic makes the walnut a good source of beneficial fatty acids. However, due to the high percentage of fatty acids, it is very sensitive to oxidation. This product is rapidly oxidized and degraded in the presence of moisture, oxygen and heat.


Maintenance of walnut kernels without shell

Fortunately, walnut skin is an excellent protector against moisture and oxygen penetration. It can therefore protect the walnut against oxidation. Unfortunately, walnut kernels without shell have a high sensitivity to oxidation due to its lack of protection. That’s why it’s very hard to keep walnut kernels without shell. And of course, its life is short. walnut kernels without shell should be used immediately after processing. Of course, the use of packages such as vacuum packaging can greatly increase the storage time.


Maintaining walnut with shell

Of course, walnut with shell also depends on several factors. Although walnut skin is a good protector for the brain. But over time, it is possible to penetrate the vapor and the oxidant into it through the pores on the walnut shell. Therefore, we also need to be careful about keeping the walnut with shell in order to protect the product from oxidation and loss of quality.

We can also use vacuum packaging for walnut with shell. In this case, the shelf life of this product will increase several times.

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