half walnut kernels price

half walnut kernels price

Half walnut kernels price based on two parameters. The percentage of broken in the walnut kernels product and the color of the brain.

half walnut kernels are categorized based on color in the following models.

  • White walnut kernels
  • Cream walnut kernels
  • Dark cream walnut kernels
  • Light brown walnut kernels
  • Brown walnut kernels
  • Dark brown walnut kernels
  • Black walnut kernels

As mentioned above, in addition to the walnut color, another important issue is determining the half walnut kernels price. And that percentage of walnut’s brain is tiny and broken. Some buyers, depending on the type of use of the walnut, can accept the broken percentage up to 10%. While some buyers accept 5%. And some will accept up to 25%.

Grades of half walnut kernels

Based on these two parameters and as explained, half walnut kernels are in several categories and grades. Each of which has a price difference. See the different grades of half walnut kernels in the table below.

Walnut kernels Code Quality Color
Half kernels CAA 95% 1/2 sliced + 5% broken Cream
CA 90% 1/2 sliced + 10% broken Cream
CBA 85% 1/2 sliced +15% broken Cream
CBB 80% 1/2 sliced +20% broken Cream
BAA 80% 1/2 sliced +20% broken Light Brown
BA 80% 1/2 sliced +20% broken Brown
BB 75% 1/2 sliced +25% broken Dark Brown
BC 75% 1/2 sliced +25% broken Black Walnut Brain
Quarter & pieces QA 95% 1/4 sliced +5% broken Cream
PA 100% pieces Cream

Because a large percentage of these walnut core qualities are made up of half walnut kernels, they are all in the half walnut kernel group.

Of these qualities, white walnut kernels with the lowest fracture percentage (below 5%) have the highest quality. Therefore, in the price category, the walnut kernels will be priced at the highest level. Black walnut kernels also have the lowest quality and the cheapest type in the half walnut kernels group.

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