bulk walnut kernel price per kg

bulk walnut kernel price per kg

Estimation of walnut kernel price per kg is based on the parameters of color and fracture of the walnut kernels. These two parameters are the most important factors in determining walnut kernel price per kg.

Consumers of walnut kernels always consider two items when shopping for this product. These two cases include:

  • The color of the walnut
  • Walnut kernel fracture

Do you know where the attention comes from? Why is the white walnut kernels in a higher position than the darker walnut kernels? And why is the walnut kernels with a further broken percentage as the lower quality walnut?

Walnut color in determining walnut kernel price per kg

So far, you’ve wondered why the brain of some walnuts is darker on the tree? There are many reasons. But two of these reasons are lack of proper nutrition for the tree and disease. Failure to correctly understand one of these reasons can be. It is therefore clear that if the tree is fed properly, it will not be deficient in mineral elements, and the walnut growth will occur correctly. Or controlling diseases and pests will not be inappropriate for growth. By the way, it’s clear that the darkening of the walnut’s color is due to poor walnut growth. So it’s obvious that the white-walnut brain is the best quality nutmeg. And walnut kernel price per kg for white walnut will certainly be higher.


Broken walnut kernels

The oxidation process in the walnut is very fast. Because the nut’s brain is rich in all kinds of fatty acids. The higher the surface area of the reactive contact surface, the greater the possibility of oxidation inside it. For this reason, broken walnut kernels are more exposed to oxidation. Therefore, the lower the amount of broken walnuts, meaning that its quality is higher. As a result, walnut kernel price per kg will be lower for a broken product.

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