organic walnut kernels price

organic walnut kernels price

The organic walnut kernels price is higher than normal walnut kernels. The reason is the more costs farmers and gardeners have to pay for organic products.

First we want to give a brief explanation of the organic farming products and, of course, the organic walnut kernels. And then we will announce the reasons for its high price compared to the usual walnuts.


The organic walnut kernels

Organic walnut kernel are products that have not been used in the production of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Maybe you’re wondering how pest control is going on in these trees.
In the production of organic farming products such as organic walnut kernels, pesticides and soil fertilizers are useful insects, biological and natural fertilizers, and so on. That’s why these products will not come in contact with any chemicals.

On the other hand, research has shown that the nutritional value of organic products is far greater than that of conventional agriculture. But what is the reason for the organic walnut kernels price to be higher than normal walnuts?

In addition to the higher nutritional value of organic walnut kernels, which has welcomed this product, environmental protection is another reason for the consumers of this product. By buying organic products, they try to protect the environment and prevent it from contamination. Contaminated with chemical products.

The organic walnut is available in two types of shelled walnut kernels and also and walnut kernels without shell.

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