how to store walnut kernels

how to store walnut kernels

how to store walnut kernels? The very important question is that the units of production and processing of the brains need to pay attention to it. So that they can maintain the quality of the nut’s brain from production time to consumption time.

The walnut kernels, due to the high percentage of fatty acids, is a highly sensitive food to the oxidation process. What changes in the characteristics and health of the walnut kernels affect the oxidation in the walnut?

With the occurrence of the oxidation, its color and taste change. The color of the kernel of the walnut is cloudy. The fat inside the walnut leaks out. And also the taste of the walnut is changing. And it’s bitter. Bitterness with spicy. Well, this product is not only useful for the body, it can even lead to poisoning. Poisoning occurs when the oxidation process is intense in the walnut.

As you can see and can be taken from this description, how to store walnut kernels is an important question. We need to adjust the conditions and the environment of the walnut kernels to avoid the oxidation and loss of quality.


Answer how to store walnut kernels

The answer to how to store walnut kernels is placed in three rows.

  1. The oxygen content of the kernel is controlled. One of the factors is the oxygen. By controlling the amount of oxygen present in the walnut field, the oxidation can be controlled.
  2. Moisture is another component of the reaction.
  3. Also the next is the heat, keeping the walnut kernels at a low temperature to maintain its quality is essential.

As you can see, it is necessary to control these three parameters in order to maintain of the walnut kernels during its storage. The best way to keep the walnut brain is vacuum packaging. Walnut vacuum that is kept in a controlled temperature environment.

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