cheap pistachios in Singapore

cheap pistachios in Singapore

Cheap pistachios in Singapore can have a successful sale? Can cheap pistachios pass Singapore’s import standards?

First of all, we want to answer the question “What is Singapore’s standard for pistachio imports?” Let’s examine. Singapore for trade and import of pistachios has defined what standards?

Buy cheap pistachios in Singapore

The most important clause in the Singapore standard for pistachio trade concerns pistachio aflatoxin. According to the Singapore standard, the permitted level of aflatoxin in pistachios can be 5ppb. If the amount of aflatoxin in pistachio cargo exceeds this, pistachio cargo will not allow entry into Singapore. Hence, pistachios accordance with this standard, and convenient packaging that can preserve the quality of pistachio, exported to Singapore. Therefore, we need to choose the best quality pistachio and the best packaging.

Given these explanations, the question is whether cheap pistachios in Singapore can sell well? In other words, is there a pistachio with the standard defined above and cheap?

If you know the mechanically opened pistachios, you will see that the sale of cheap pistachios in Singapore can be successful.

We process mechanically opened pistachios from Closed pistachios. Closed pistachios have no contact with the outside so they have a high level of health and aflatoxin levels close to zero. If during processing mechanically opened pistachios, we adhere to sanitation, then the health level of these pistachios is high and suitable for export to Singapore.

The mechanically opened pistachios are from of the cheap pistachios. So cheap pistachios in Singapore can be successful.

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