ahmad aghaei pistachio wholesaler price

ahmad aghaei pistachio wholesale price

Ahmad aghaei pistachio wholesale price is different for different sizes, including ounces 24-26, 26-28, 28-30 and 30-32. The size of pistachio is just one of the reasons for the difference in prices for various cargoes of  Ahmad Ahaghi pistachios.

Different pistachio cargoes are different in terms of variety, pistachio type, size, and pistachio quality. Pistachio quality characterized by the following characteristics.

  • The percentage of pistachios closed
  • Non-uniformity of pistachio in terms of size and variety
  • Other percentages of defective seeds
  • Pistachio aflatoxin level
  • And ….

Consider two Ahmadaghaii pistachio shipments. The difference between the two consignments in terms of size and quality specifications will lead to a difference in the ahmad aghaei pistachio wholesaler price.


Ahmad aghaei pistachio wholesaler price for several cargoes

The bigger size has a higher price. We also consider pistachio type in determining the wholesale price of pistachios. The type of pistachio is a naturally opened or mechanically opened. In addition to these two issues, which are the most important points in determining the quality and price of any pistachios cargoes, the pistachio uniformity is one of the most important points that we are considering for this product. If the pistachios are small and coarse and non-uniform, it will not look good. And this will affect its sales.

Also, if the percentage of packed seeds in the pistachios is high, it will not be good for the customer. And surely the customer will not choose this product.

Therefore, you merchants, when buying and importing pistachios to your country’s market, should pay attention to the quality of the product. Inaccuracies in this area will make you unsuccessful sales, though imagine that you have been successful in terms of price in purchase.

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