where to buy ground pistachios

where to buy ground pistachios

Buy ground pistachios is increasing for use in food industry units. Pistachio powder is one of the popular pistachio products, especially in its use in a variety of sweets such as baklava.

The use of pistachios in food industry units has flourished. This product is both an excellent flavor and a good product for decorating the product due to its good taste and beautiful green color. For this reason, food industry units are keen on buying and using this product.

What forms of pistachios are used in foods?


The Pistachio products

Pistachio is first processed in the form of various products.

Pistachio kernels

The pistachios have a lot of qualities. Including natural pistachio kernel, unripe pistachio, green peeled pistachio kernel, meat kernel, crushed pistachio kernels and ….

Slivered pistachios

The Slivered pistachio is also a popular pistachio product. Pistachios are both an excellent decorator and also used as a flavoring for the product.

Ground pistachios

Ground pistachio is another popular pistachio product. Buy ground pistachios is booming by confectionery. In addition to pastries in ice cream, biscuits and … it has also been developed.

Ground pistachio has a variety of qualities. These qualities are based on the size of the powdered ground and the color of the ground pistachio.
Green pistachio powder is placed in a higher quality grade. And of course the price is higher. The pistachio kernels is suitable for pistachio powder, it can be green meat kernels, unripe pistachio kernels and others.

Pistachio butter

Another pistachio product is pistachio butter. This product also has a variety of uses. It is suitable for meals and also for food industry units.

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