fandoghi pistachio price per kilo

fandoghi pistachio price per kilo

Among the five commercial pistachio cultivars of Iran, Fandoghi pistachio price per kilo is the lowest. Fandoghi pistachio is from of the round and small pistachios. It is available in sizes 28-30, 30-32, 32-34 and also 34-36. This cultivar has the highest production in Iran. Exporters of pistachios export Fandoghi pistachio to major countries such as the European Union, Eurasian countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, as well as eastern Asian countries such as China.

A percentage of Fandoghi pistachios harvested from trees are closed mouth. Closed mouth pistachios are used to process pistachio kernels or mechanical opened pistachios. Iranian pistachio importers are also buying pistachio kernels. Countries like India, also the European Union and … are pistachio kernels buyers.

Production of Fandoghi pistachio in Rafsanjan

In Iran, Rafsanjan is the main area for Fandoghi pistachio production. About 60 percent of the pistachio gardens belong to the Fandogi variety. The 28-30 ounce of Fandoghi pistachios, also use nutrition consumption in Iran’s domestic market. Iranian people love pistachios both raw and roasted. Fandoghi pistachio price per kilo for 28-30 is higher than other ounces.

fandoghi pistachio kernels price per kilo

Producers and sellers set the price per kilo of horseradish pistachio based on its broken percentage and also the size of the pistachio kernels. Less breakage percentage, it means higher quality. Of course, the size of the pistachio kernels is also important. pistachios with a lower % meat, have smaller kernels. The price of the small pistachio kernels is lower.

Tabriz Green Diamond pistachio (Anata Nuts) Company exports all kinds of:

  • natural opened pistachios
  • mechanical opened
  • and also pistachio kernels

to China, Russia, the European Union, and more. You can see the price of different pistachios in the price section.

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