Iran pistachio import export statistics

Iran pistachio import export statistics

Iran pistachio import export is booming around the world. According to the statistics below, Iran is one of the largest exporters of pistachios in the world.

The largest pistachio producers in the world are Iran and the United States. The two countries also have the largest share of exports to global consumer markets.

The article shows that localization and the beginning of pistachio cultivation began in Iran. Iran has a long history of producing and exporting pistachios. Currently, Iran pistachio import export are internationally flourishing.

The following graphs clearly show the production of pistachios and pistachios in Iran.

world pistachio production

world pistachio production (source: INC)


world pistachio exporters

world pistachio exporters (source: INC)


Iranian pistachio exports boom

The main reason Iranian pistachio merchants have been able to maintain pistachio consumption in the world is the quality of Iranian pistachio. Iran’s pistachios have a very high quality. Particularly its taste and aroma are unique. For this reason, pistachio customers around the world still like Iran’s pistachios.

In addition to the quality of pistachio, other reasons have made Iran pistachio import export more prosperous, a great variety of pistachios in Iran. Therefore, this variety has made Iran pistachios suitable for export to many countries.

And of course, another good thing is the goodness of the businessmen. By knowing the target markets, Iranian pistachio merchants have been able to supply them with a variety of pistachios.

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