Buy cheap pistachios Singapore

Buy cheap pistachios Singapore

Is buy cheap pistachios suitable for import to Singapore? Singapore, which has specified rules for the import of pistachios?

Singapore is a pistachio customer of Iran. It is one of the countries that has identified the limit for aflatoxin contamination for food.

The country has also set the limit for aflatoxin for pistachios. For aflatoxin, the total limit specified in the Singapore standard is 5 ppb. It shows that Singapore is one of the hardest countries on pistachio aflatoxin.

Regarding this, we need to export quality pistachios to Singapore. But some traders may be asking for cheap pistachio according to their market conditions. So the question arises as to whether buy cheap pistachios can be a good option for imports into Singapore?

Import cheap pistachios to Singapore

The mechanically opened pistachios are the cheapest open shell pistachios. These pistachios have different qualities. The quality of mechanically opened pistachios is determined by the following.

  1. Percent meat of pistachios
  2. Size of pistachios
  3. Also quality of pistachio in terms of fungal contamination: This problem has a strong dependence on the processing method. Compliance with the principles of smiling pistachios from the close shell pistachios makes mechanically opened pistachios producing the highest quality level from this point of view.

So, we can say that mechanically opened pistachios can be a good option for import into Singapore. Because they can pass the laws and standards of this country.

The Anata Nuts company exports a variety of open shell pistachios in a naturally opened as well as mechanically opened pistachios around the world. If you are in Singapore and intend to import pistachios, just contact us. You can check the quality of the products of Anata Nuts company and then buy.

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