where to buy pistachio in iran

where to buy pistachio in iran

If you are looking for an answer to the question where to buy pistachio in iran, just investigate the international market. Because most pistachio traders know Iranian pistachio exporters well.

Some pistachio merchants are planning to travel to Iran to buy pistachios. And they try to answer the question of where to buy pistachio in iran before traveling.
To answer this question, we introduce the most important areas of production, processing and export of pistachios in Iran.

Pistachio production areas in Iran

Kerman province is the most important pistachio in Iran. In this province, cities such as Rafsanjan and Sirjan, as well as zarand and … are the main pistachios. In addition to Kerman province where to buy pistachio in iran?

Khorasan is one of the most important pistachio poles in Iran. In Khorasan, the cities of Feyzabad and Bardaskan are pistachio producers. After Kerman, Khorasan is second only to the annual production of pistachios. In this province, pistachios are grown in five different cultivars: akbari pistachios, fandoghi pistachios, ahmad aghaei pistachios, jumbo pistachios and badami pistachios.

We can introduce other provinces such as Yazd, Kashan, Isfahan, East Azarbaijan, and West, etc., as part of the cultivation and production of pistachios. Of course, the point that we are going to explain in this text is the introduction of the most important cities for exporting pistachios in Iran. Tabriz has third place among the countries exporting pistachios. Because of the geographical location and the specific trading conditions of Tabriz, the possibility of exporting pistachios from different parts of the world, including Eurasian and European countries, is easily possible.

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