premium walnut kernels

premium walnut kernels

We would like to introduce the premium walnut kernels specification in this article. These specifications are examined in a number of ways.

The first thing to consider is how to determine the quality of a walnut. The first is its color. The color of the walnut is very important. Based on this parameter, we can identify seven groups for the walnut. We can also classify these seven groups based on the broken percentage. So here we have two characteristics for determining the quality of the walnut kernels.

  • The first case is the color of the walnut kernels
  • The second case is the rate of breakdown of the walnut kernels

Other things to consider in determining the quality of the walnut are the cleanliness of the product. During the breakdown and processing of the walnut, it is possible to leave the skin of walnut and … inside it. We must remove walnuts from the outside as much as possible. Premium walnut kernels are free of any foreign material.

Along with this, we must pay attention to the new product. The walnut kernels has a high sensitivity to oxidation. After separating the walnut kernels from the skin, this product is highly exposed to oxidation. Therefore, in buying walnut kernels, it’s important to note that the walnut kernels is not oxidized. We can easily detect this issue by examining its color as well as taste.

Now, we want to list the premium walnut kernels profile, based on the parameters we’ve raised.


Profile of premium walnut kernels

Premium walnut kernels, the walnut kernel with a very bright color, the white walnut. The percentage of fracture present within this quality of the walnut is very low. And below 3%. The percentage of foreign material in the consignment is zero. Also the walnut kernel has recently been separated from its skin and has a very good quality.

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