uses of walnut kernels

uses of walnut kernels

The uses of walnut kernels include using it in nuts or in different sectors of the food, medicine and cosmetics industry.

Often, the brain of oily seeds, including the walnut, is used in various shapes. The uses of walnut kernels, in addition to being commonly used in brains and in nuts, is also used in the form of oil due to its high percentage of fat.

The fat in the walnut is unsaturated. That’s why it also has many benefits and value. The use of walnut oil is also commonly used as a food, as well as health and beauty treatments. Of course, the use of walnuts in nuts and their use of oil is not the only way to use it. In addition to walnut kernels, the walnut kernel is used in various types of food industry units.


The full introduction of the uses of walnut kernels

Walnuts have been used to prepare all sorts of sweets in the process of brazing dates, in the preparation of ice cream, cakes and cookies, biscuits, in a variety of foods and desserts. For the use of walnut kernels inside these products, it is sometimes necessary to break the walnut brain. Or, in some cases, the walnut should be completely used. In some applications, the brown walnut kernels are suitable for some white walnut kernels.

Choosing the quality and type of walnut kernel depends on the type of use of walnut kernels. By type of use, we offer our customers the best kind of walnut kernels.

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