broken walnut kernels

broken walnut kernels

The broken walnut kernels for use in confectionery, ice cream units, cultured olives production and … is a good choice.

As we have already said, the walnut kernels has different qualities. One of the types of walnut kernels is broken walnut brain. We want to talk briefly about the qualities of this type of walnut in this article. We will also talk about its storage conditions with a higher sensitivity to oxidation.


Types of broken walnut kernels

broken walnut kernels in three groups in terms of size and each group in three models in terms of color. Three different sizes of broken walnut kernels are shown below. Food industry units, depending on their consumption, choose from the three groups their desired size. For example, putting the walnut in chocolate or dates, the broken walnut brain 1/4 is the appropriate option.


Keeping broken walnut kernels

One of the most important points about broken walnut kernels is the higher probability of oxidation of this product. Walnut is a very sensitive product. Oxidized in the vicinity of oxygen and moisture. And it loses its good taste and aroma. Unfortunately, the finely divided pieces of the walnut are susceptible to the oxidation process. Therefore, we need to have a precision in maintaining broken walnut brain. Using vacuum packaging can greatly prevent loss the quality of this product.

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