small walnut kernels

small walnut kernels

Small walnut kernels can be a better option for use in the food industry. Because most of the food production units need to bring the walnut into the product, the walnut will be crushed.

Small walnut kernels are used only in food industry units. We want to introduce the quality of this quality in this article. In addition to this, we will mention some of its applications.


Types of small walnut kernels and broken

Based on the size and color, we can put small walnut kernels and broken into 7 groups. Walnut shell 1/4 is a kind of this product. We place this product in color in two groups. Small walnut kernels and broken beans of the same size as pea. As well as small walnut kernels and the same size with lentils. And the last quality of the nutmeg flour.

This type of walnut kernel is used only in food industry units inside various products. For example, inside the ice cream, inside the cake and muffins, and … we can use the different qualities of this type of walnut kernel.

Two important points are the purchase of this type of walnut.

  1. The very important thing about this type of walnut is the cleanliness of the product. Because the walnut is broken and broken, the likelihood of the skin inside it is high. Therefore, the factory producing this type of walnut should use all its efforts to clean it.
  2. Another issue is the possibility of oxidation. The walnut is more exposed to oxidation than other qualities. Because it has tiny pieces. So, it’s best to use suitable packages such as vacuum packaging.

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